About Us

Zorlu Textiles Group

The Zorlu Textiles Group is today one of the world’s prominent manufacturers in its respective industry with a total of 800,000 square meters of enclosed space and nearly 7000 employees. Each and every one of the companies in the Zorlu Textiles Group is a world brand in its respective sector for their production capacity, production quality, marketing power, and broad distribution network. Zorluteks is the largest integrated cotton fabric manufacturer in Europe for home textiles.

The main activity of the Zorlu Textile Group is the production of yarn, curtains, and home textile products (bed sheets, bed linens, bed covers, table clothes, coverlets). Technical textiles are in the fields of hometech and medtech. With its curtain and home textile manufacturing facilities, marketing company, and world-famous brands, Zorluteks (Zorluteks Textile) is one of the leading producers of home textiles globally.

Zorluteks ranks among the world’s most modern and largest integrated textile manufacturing facilities with its high production capacity in its colossal production facility, a workforce of more than 4,000 people, superior product quality, attention given to environmental and occupational health, and working conditions. Zorluteks is the largest integrated producer of cotton home textiles in Europe and is the first manufacturer of 100% organic textile products in Turkey that has been awarded the Global Organic Textile Standard-GOTS certification.