Self-cleaning roller blinds

An innovative member of the Zorlu Textiles product portfolio is its self-cleaning roller blinds. Bringing a whole new dimension to interior-cleaning convenience, Self-Cleaning Roller Blinds are manufactured with a patented technology and using materials and manufacturing processes that are certified as being harmless to human health. Their high-tech finish keeps them from holding onto stains so that soot during winter, cooking steam in the kitchen, and splattered liquids are not a problem. If Self-Cleaning Roller Blinds do get soiled as a result of minor accidents such as in children’s rooms, they handily clean themselves up. Quickly wipe them off with a damp cloth and Self-Cleaning Roller Blinds will miraculously clean themselves in about two weeks depending on the intensity of the light source and the nature of the soiling.

LED-illuminated curtains

The decorative details of these innovative products add a touch of refinement to living spaces with their elegant appearance by day and their LED illumination by night. LED lamps set into these curtains and roller blinds are easy to switch on and off and can be used safely in any room of the house.

What’s more these LED-illuminated curtains and roller blinds are also equipped with unique self-cleaning technology, which means that they don’t need to be washed and will use not just sunlight but even the light from fixtures to clean themselves.